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Los Angeles

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   30 Seconds To Mars    Beach Boys (The)
   3rd Strike    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
   A Perfect Circle    Big Soul
   Allah-Las    Black Country Communion
   Anywhere    Black Eyed Peas
   Armored Saint    Blind Melon
   Army of Anyone    Bluebird
   Art Of Noise (The)    Boardwalk
   Audioslave    Body Count
   Autolux    Boo-yaa Tribe
   Bad Religion    Boy Hits Car
   Bad Things    Broken Bells
   Bang Tango    Bronx (The)
   Bangles (The)    Buffalo Springfield
   Banyan    Butcher Babies

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Médéric Gontier fait partie du groupe :

In Solitude
Will Haven
Tahiti 80