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   20/20 Vision (Anti-Flag)    Changes (Justin Bieber)
   2020 (La Rue Kétanou)    Chaos And A Dancing Star (Marc Almond)
   2020 (Bon Jovi)    Chromatica (Lady Gaga)
   4ever (Buvette)    Circles (Mac Miller)
   A Celebration Of Endings (Biffy Clyro)    Circles Around The Sun (Circles Around The Sun)
   Abolition Of The Royal Fa ... (The Orb)    Citizens Of Boomtown (The Boomtown Rats)
   Access Denied (Asian Dub Foundation)    City Burials (Katatonia)
   Addicted To You (Ben L'Oncle Soul)    Coat Of Arms (Wishbone Ash)
   After Hours (The Weeknd)    Concrete And Glass (Nicolas Godin)
   Agents Of Fortune - Live ... (Blue Öyster Cult)    Countless Branches (Bill Fay)
   Alicia (Alicia Keys)    Débranché (Noir Désir)
   All Rise (Gregory Porter)    Disco Volador (The Orielles)
   All That Glue (Sleaford Mods)    Dixie Blur (Jonathan Wilson)
   All Visible Objects (Moby)    DNA (Cerrone)
   An Evening Of New York: S ... (Suzanne Vega)    Do Not Disturb (Van der Graaf Generator)
   Ape Confronts Cosmo (Baby Chaos)    Domesticated (Sébastien Tellier)
   Aporia (Sufjan Stevens and Lowell Brams)    Dwell (Recondite)
   Aurora (Breaking benjamin)    Earth (Ed O'Brien)
   Baby Love (Jean-Louis Murat)    Echo Echo (IAMX)
   Ballistic, Sadistic (Annihilator)    F8 (Five Finger Death Punch)
   Beat Poetry For Survivali ... (Luke Haines & Peter Buck)    Father Of All Motherfucke ... (Green Day)
   Been Around (A Girl Called Eddy)    First Rose Of Spring (Willie Nelson)
   Bénédictions (La Fouine)    Folkesange (Myrkur)
   Blackout (Method Man and Redman)    Frenchy (Thomas Dutronc)
   Blue Moon Rising (Noel Gallagher)    Fuck It (Mondo Generator)
   Born 2 Rap (The Game)    Full Hand (Kevin Krauter)
   Brant Bjork (Brant Bjork)    Funeral (Lil Wayne)
   Carnivore (Body Count)    Gigaton (Pearl Jam)
   Cavale (Cali)    Greatest Hits (Therapy?)
   Cell-O (Apocalyptica)    Half Drunk Under A Full M ... (The Fratellis)

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