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   '96 (Louis Bertignac)    Addiction (Glenn Hughes)
   (Cut In Half And Also Dou ... (Emily Haines)    Adult Themes For Voice (Mike Patton)
   1000 Vies (Stephan Eicher)    Aenima (Tool)
   11/6 12/10 (Tarwater)    After Murder Park (The Auteurs)
   12 Golden Country Greats (Ween)    Agoraphobic Notes (Such A Surge)
   13eaver (Beaver)    All For You (Diana Krall)
   18 Til I Die (Bryan Adams)    All Set (Buzzcocks)
   1977 (Ash)    All This Useless Beauty (Elvis Costello & the Attractions)
   1996 (Ryuichi Sakamoto)    Alta Marea & Vaterland (Mick Harvey)
   1st Of The Day (Bullitnuts)    Amanita (Bardo Pond)
   2001: A Sex Odyssey (Blowfly)    Amazing Disgrace (The Posies)
   3 (Diabologum)    Among My Swan (Mazzy Star)
   3x Plus Efficace (2 Bal 2 Neg')    Amusing The Amazing (Slo Burn)
   4 (Galliano)    Animal Rights (Moby)
   4 Plugs (The Mad Capsule Markets)    Another Way To Shine (Spiritual Beggars)
   60 Watt Silver Lining (Mark Eitzel)    Antichrist Superstar (Marilyn Manson)
   666.667 Club (Noir Désir)    Archiva 1 (Asia)
   96/69 (Cornelius)    Archiva 2 (Asia)
   A Dave Brubeck Christmas (Dave Brubeck)    Are You Sequenced? (Klaus Schulze)
   A Happy Pocket (The Trash Can Sinatras)    Arena (Asia)
   A Plus De Cent (The Popguns)    Aspirant Sunrise (Rick Wakeman)
   A Pretty Mess By This One ... (Grandaddy)    Astonvilla (Astonvilla)
   A Tatons (Axelle Red)    ATLiens (Outkast)
   About To Choke (Vic Chesnutt)    Atomic Live (Vulcain)
   Absinthe: The French Albu ... (Marc Almond)    Autobiography Of Mistachu ... (Chuck D)
   Absolutego (Boris)    B.Attitude (No Man's Land)
   Acid Bubblegum (Graham Parker)    Backstreet Boys (Backstreet Boys)
   Acoustiques (Les Rita Mitsouko)    Baja Sessions (Chris Isaak)
   Acrobatic Tenement (At the Drive-In)    Baladas En Español (Roxette)
   Action Ornaments (Trumans Water)    Banda Macho (The Figgs)

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