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   17 Plombs Pour Péter Les ... (Ludwig von 88)    Bag Of Tricks (Annihilator)
   41 (Swell)    Bakesale (Sebadoh)
   48 Hours (The Bar-Kays)    Balls To Picasso (Bruce Dickinson)
   8 Skated And Surfed Songs (Greedy Guts)    Barjo-land (Paul Personne)
   95200 (Ministère A.M.E.R.)    Be Forewarned (Pentagram)
   A La Belle De Mai (Renaud)    Bedtime Stories (Madonna)
   A Live One (Phish)    Bee Thousand (Guided By Voices)
   A Night In San Francisco (Van Morrison)    Betty (Helmet)
   A Very Special Season (Diana Ross)    Beyond Cool (Lucky Peterson)
   Acid King (Acid King)    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy)
   African Adventures (Bernie Krause)    Big Hit (Nitzer Ebb)
   After The Storm (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)    Big Ones (Aerosmith)
   Age Ain't Nothing But A N ... (Aaliyah)    Black (Lita Ford)
   Albion (William Sheller)    Blade Runner (Vangelis)
   Allez Leur Dire (Tonton David)    Blasters Of The Universe (Bootsy Collins)
   Amber (Autechre)    Blues (Jimi Hendrix)
   American Thighs (Veruca Salt)    Blues With A Feeling (Steve Hackett)
   Ami Ou Ennemi (Maurane)    Blunted On Reality (The Fugees)
   Amorica (The Black Crowes)    Born Dead (Body Count)
   Amplified Heart (Everything But The Girl)    Bow Wow (Johnny Watson)
   An Angel At My Shoulder (Carrie Newcomer)    Bowling For Soup (Bowling For Soup)
   An Evening Of Yes Music P ... (Yes)    Brave (Marillion)
   Anarchy (Chumbawamba)    Brazil (The Ritchie Family)
   Another Day In Paradise (Strung Out)    Bruel (Patrick Bruel)
   Antenna (ZZ Top)    Brutal Youth (Elvis Costello)
   Aria (Asia)    Buckshot LeFonque (Buckshot LeFonque)
   At Action Park (Shellac)    Buddha (Blink-182)
   Aux Héros De La Voltige (Jacques Higelin)    Burn My Eyes (Machine Head)
   Awake (Dream Theater)    Burning Japan Live (Glenn Hughes)
   Backstreets Of Desire (Willy DeVille)    Bust A Nut (Tesla)

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Mick Ralphs fait partie du groupe :

Los Explosivos
Temples on Mars
Bad Company
Trophy Wife