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   ''No Snow, No Show'' For ... (The Mission)    Angst (KMFDM)
   (Live) (Willy DeVille)    Anthology (Can)
   05:22:09:12 Off (Front 242)    Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz)
   06:21:03:11 Up Evil (Front 242)    Artistic Vice (Daniel Johnston)
   12 Play (R. Kelly)    As Happy As Possible (Les Thugs)
   12 Years Of Tears (Marc Almond)    Atomic Punch! (Greedy Guts)
   14 Shots To The Dome (LL Cool J)    Au Magic Mirrors (Arthur H)
   19 Naughty III (Naughty by Nature)    Audience With The Mind (The House of Love)
   1993... J'Appuie Sur La G ... (NTM)    August And Everything Aft ... (Counting Crows)
   23 Solo Pieces For La Nai ... (John Cale)    Auprès De Ma Bande (Soldat Louis)
   25 Tab (Monster Magnet)    Babes In Arms (MC5)
   3 1/2; The Lost Tapes 198 ... (The Dream Syndicate)    Bacdafucup (Onyx)
   4-Track Demos (PJ Harvey)    Back To The Blues (Rick Derringer)
   A Century Ends (David Gray)    Back To The Light (Brian May)
   A Real Dead One (Iron Maiden)    Banba (Clannad)
   A Real Live One (Iron Maiden)    Bark ! (Barking Dogs)
   A Slight Case Of Overbomb ... (The Sisters of Mercy)    Bastards (Motörhead)
   A Storm In Heaven (The Verve)    Bat Out Of Hell II: Back ... (Meat Loaf)
   Absolutely Live (Toto)    BBC Radio 1 In Concert (1 ... (The Fall)
   Acid Eaters (The Ramones)    BBC Radio 1 Live In Conce ... (The Soft Machine)
   Across The Borderline (Willie Nelson)    BBC Radio 1 Live In Conce ... (New Model Army)
   African Bach (Rick Wakeman)    Beat The Border (Geoffrey Oryema)
   Aimez Vous Les Uns Les Au ... (Patrick Coutin)    Become What You Are (Juliana Hatfield)
   Alive (10CC)    Beethoven Was Deaf (Morrissey)
   Alive III (Kiss)    Believe In Me (Duff McKagan)
   Ambient (Moby)    Between The Teeth (David Byrne)
   American Caesar (Iggy Pop)    Beverly Kills 50187 (Insane Clown Posse)
   Ames De Marbre (Sadness)    Billy Ze Kick & Les Gamin ... (Billy Ze Kick & les Gamins en Folie)
   Amours Lynchées (Dolly)    Black Aria (Glenn Danzig)
   And Furthurmore... (Hot Tuna)    Black Reign (Queen Latifah)

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