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   ...Famous Last Words... (Supertramp)    Before I Forget (Jon Lord)
   13.13 (Lydia Lunch)    Beneath The Shadows (T.S.O.L.)
   1982 (Status Quo)    Beyond The Realms Of Dub: ... (Mad Professor)
   1999 (Prince)    Bill Wyman (Bill Wyman)
   2nd Opinion (Four Out of Five Doctors)    Billy Idol (Billy Idol)
   2X45 (Cabaret Voltaire)    Black Ice (Black Ice)
   2XS (Nazareth)    Black Metal (Venom)
   85555 (Spliff)    Blackout (Scorpions)
   A Broken Frame (Depeche Mode)    Blast Off! (The Fleshtones)
   A Distant Shore (Tracey Thorn)    Bohannon Fever (Hamilton Bohannon)
   A Kiss In The Dreamhouse (Siouxsie and the banshees)    Boomerang (Elli & Jacno)
   A New Chapter Of Dub (Aswad)    Born Innocent (Redd Kross)
   Abominog (Uriah Heep)    Branigan (Laura Branigan)
   Absolutely Live (Rod Stewart)    Break Of Dawn (Firefall)
   Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson)    Built For Speed (The Stray Cats)
   Ambient 4: On Land (Brian Eno)    Business As Usual (Men at Work)
   Amours Propres (Kent)    C'est Pas Du Bronze (Jacques Dutronc)
   Angst In My Pants (Sparks)    Call Of The West (Wall of Voodoo)
   Another Day/Another Dolla ... (Gang Of Four)    Cat People (Giorgio Moroder)
   Another Grey Area (Graham Parker)    Change (Barry White)
   As One (Kool & The Gang)    Chicago 16 (Chicago)
   Asia (Asia)    Choose Your Masques (Hawkwind)
   Attitudes (Brass Construction)    Chronic Town (R.E.M.)
   Avalon (Roxy Music)    Church Of Hawkwind (Hawkwind)
   Babylon Street (The Gladiators)    Coda (Led Zeppelin)
   Back To Roots (The Gladiators)    Combat Rock (The Clash)
   Bad Brains (Bad Brains)    Coming To A Head (Shiva's Headband)
   Battle Hymns (Manowar)    Comme Un Guerrier / L'Enf ... (Gérard Manset)
   Beat (King Crimson)    Complete Madness (Madness)
   Beautiful Vision (Van Morrison)    Conan Le Barbare (Basil Poledouris)

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