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   12 Chansons Dans La Sciur ... (Charlélie Couture)    Back To Earth (Cat Stevens)
   2870 (Gérard Manset)    Back To The Bars (Todd Rundgren)
   52nd Street (Billy Joel)    Backless (Eric Clapton)
   78 In The Shade (Small Faces)    Bad Boy (Ringo Starr)
   999 (999 (Nine nine nine))    Band Of Joy (Band of Joy)
   A Live Record (Camel)    Band Together (Rare Earth)
   A Single Man (Elton John)    Basic (Glen Campbell)
   A Tonic For The Troops (The Boomtown Rats)    Beaubourg (Vangelis)
   Adolescent Sex (Japan)    Beauty's Only Skin Deep (Cherie Currie)
   Adventure (Television)    Beginnings (Trevor Rabin)
   Alive And Well Recorded I ... (The Soft Machine)    Black And White (The Stranglers)
   Alive On Arrival (Steve Forbert)    Blondes Have More Fun (Rod Stewart)
   Alive Vol. Two (Slade)    Bloody Tourists (10CC)
   All Fly Home (Al Jarreau)    Blowfly's Disco Party (Blowfly)
   All In Good Time (John Kay)    Blue Valentine (Tom Waits)
   All Mod Cons (The Jam)    Blues To East (Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio)
   All Things Beautiful (Jimmy Ponder)    Bombers (Bombers)
   Ambient 1 - Music For Air ... (Brian Eno)    Book Early (City Boy)
   American Generation (The Ritchie Family)    Boys In The Trees (Carly Simon)
   An 1 (Plastic Bertrand)    Brass Construction IV (Brass Construction)
   An American Prayer (Doors (The))    Breathless (Camel)
   And Now... The Runaways (The Runaways)    Bursting Out (Jethro Tull)
   And Then There Were Three ... (Genesis)    But Seriously, Folks... (Joe Walsh)
   Another Music In A Differ ... (Buzzcocks)    C'est Chic (Chic)
   Answer Me Question (Dillinger)    Chairs Missing (Wire)
   Apres Minuit (Eddy Mitchell)    Champagne Charlie (Leon Redbone)
   Arise (The Abyssinians)    City Lights (Dr. John)
   Atlanta's Burning Down (Dickey Betts)    Close Encounter (Franco Ambrosetti)
   Attahk (Magma)    Come Get It! (Rick James)
   Babylon By Bus (Bob Marley)    Come With Me (Jesse Green)

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