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   3rd (Big Star)    Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen)
   A House Safe For Tigers (Lee Hazlewood)    Brass Construction (Brass Construction)
   A Night At The Opera (Queen)    Brave Warrior (Jimmy Cliff)
   A Song For You (The Temptations)    Breakaway (Art Garfunkel)
   ABBA (Abba)    Bundles (The Soft Machine)
   Adduna Jarul Naawo (Orchestra Baobab)    Captain Fantastic And The ... (Elton John)
   Africa (Amanaz)    Caress Of Steel (Rush)
   Against The Grain (Rory Gallagher)    Caught In The Act (The Commodores)
   Agharta (Miles Davis)    Caught In The Act (Grand Funk Railroad)
   Alive! (Kiss)    Changez Tout (Michel Jonasz)
   Allez Teia (Heldon)    Chicago VIII (Chicago)
   Amazonas (Cal Tjader)    Chocolate City (Parliament)
   America's Choice (Hot Tuna)    Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry)
   Amoureux De Paname (Renaud)    Clannad 2 (Clannad)
   Another Green World (Brian Eno)    Come Taste The Band (Deep Purple)
   Another Live (Utopia)    Concrete (Kin Ping Meh)
   Armageddon (Armageddon)    Coney Island Baby (Lou Reed)
   Atlantic Crossing (Rod Stewart)    Crisis? What Crisis? (Supertramp)
   Au-delà Du Délire (Ange)    Cunning Stunts (Caravan)
   Back To Earth (Rare Earth)    Cut The Cake (The Average White Band)
   Bandolier (Budgie)    Dave (Dave)
   Bawobab 75 (Orchestra Baobab)    De Vous à Elle En Passant ... (Daniel Balavoine)
   Beautiful Loser (Bob Seger)    Diamond Head (Phil Manzanera)
   Before I Jump Like Monkey ... (Fela Anikulapo Kuti & The Africa 70)    Diamonds & Rust (Joan Baez)
   Blood On The Tracks (Bob Dylan)    Discotheque (Herbie Mann)
   Blow By Blow (Jeff Beck)    Discreet Music (Brian Eno)
   Blue Jays (Justin Hayward & John Lodge)    Dixie Rock (Wet Willie)
   Blues For Allah (The Grateful Dead)    Down By The Jetty (Dr. Feelgood)
   Bongo Fury (Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart)    Dread In Babylon (U-Roy)
   Boogie Woogie Country Man (Jerry Lewis)    Dressed To Kill (Kiss)

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