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   ...Continued (Tony White)    Contrasts (Blonde on Blonde)
   3614 Jackson Highway (Chér)    Coryell (Larry Coryell)
   A Change In My Life (Peter Wolf)    Crosby, Stills & Nash (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)
   A Salty Dog (Procol Harum)    Daddy Bug & Friends (Roy Ayers)
   Abbey Road (The Beatles)    David's Album (Joan Baez)
   After The Rain (Muddy Waters)    Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde (The Byrds)
   Album Delpech (Michel Delpech)    Electric Funk (Jimmy McGriff)
   Aoxomoxoa (The Grateful Dead)    Electronic Sound (George Harrison)
   Arthur (Or The Decline An ... (The Kinks)    Elephant Mountain (The Youngbloods)
   As Safe As Yesterday Is (Humble Pie)    Ella (Ella Fitzgerald)
   At Your Birthday Party (Steppenwolf)    Empty Rooms (John Mayall)
   Babylon (Dr. John)    Empty Sky (Elton John)
   Ball (Iron Butterfly)    English Rose (Fleetwood Mac)
   Ballad Of Easy Rider (The Byrds)    Escalator (Sam Gopal's Dream)
   Bayou Country (Creedence Clearwater Revival)    Everybody Knows This Is N ... (Neil Young)
   Beck-Ola (Jeff Beck)    Fat Albert Rotunda (Herbie Hancock)
   Beginnings (Slade)    First Winter (Johnny Winter)
   Black And White (Tony White)    Five Leaves Left (Nick Drake)
   Bless Its Pointed Little ... (Jefferson Airplane)    Forty (Lee Hazlewood)
   Blind Faith (Blind Faith)    Four Sail (Love)
   Blue Cheer (Blue Cheer)    France Gall (France Gall)
   Changing Horses (The Incredible String Band)    Fred Neil (Fred Neil)
   Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago)    Free (Free)
   Claude François à L'Olymp ... (Claude François)    Friends (The Easybeats)
   Clear (Spirit)    From Elvis In Memphis (Elvis Presley)
   Cloud Nine (The Temptations)    Galveston (Glen Campbell)
   Clouds (Joni Mitchell)    Gérard Lenorman (Gérard Lenorman)
   Complainte Amoureuse (Juliette Gréco)    Get Off My Case (Josefus)
   Completely Well (B.B. King)    Get Ready (Rare Earth)
   Concerto In B Goode (Chuck Berry)    Giant (Buddy Holly)

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